What countries should I avoid?

Go HERE to see the latest CDC information but this virus is not present in the australian mosquito population as far as we know.

What if I have recently traveled to an affected area?

It is worthwhile being tested. You should especially see your GP if you develop fever, rash, red eyes or painful joints within the first month of returning or if you were unwell overseas.

Can I contract this from having sex with an infected person?

There has been documented sexually transmitted infection and the virus can be present in semen. Usually the man will notice blood staining of the semen. You should avoid having unprotected sex with someone for about a month after they have returned from an infected area based on the finding of Zika in semen almost a month after infection.

How long am I infected?

Like most viruses you are infective for about 10-14 days but there is some doubt about this with Zika following the discovery it can be found in the semen many weeks later.

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