D&C Hysteroscopy

This, mostly diagnostic, operation involves passing a thin telescope through the cervix and into the cavity of the uterus. The cervix is grasped during this to stabilize the uterus and this grasp point on the cervix can be a source of spot bleeding for a few days after surgery. Among the potential, well recognized but infrequent complications is perforation of the uterus.  The management of this can be to simply halt the procedure and observe for 24 hours. It is common to perform a Laparoscopy to confirm there is no ongoing bleeding inside the abdomen. This complication is more common when the uterus is very soft (pregnancy – miscarriage) or the cervix tightly closed and difficult to dilate for passage of the telescope. Some cramp (period type pain) is common after the operation but most women are able to leave hospital quickly and are well the next day. Bleeding can be variable. Some women have nothing or only spotting, which may be intermittent, and others may have a period for 7 – 10 days. Review is usually within 7-10 days.