Vaginal Delivery

All attempts at vaginal delivery are just that, attempts. The best intentions in the world and the most vigorous perineal massage will not always get a 37cm head circumference through your pelvis. But let’s be positive and consider some of the aspects of getting the baby out.



There is no magic formula for this. You either need pain relief or you don't. You either want it or you don't. Whether you use water, gas, pethidine, hypnosis or have an epidural is less important than staying focused and in control.


30% of all first timers manage to deliver without requiring stitches. The rest will either tear or require an episiotomy. Because a tear by its nature is more traumatic to your tissues, I prefer to perform an episiotomy if a tear starts to develop.
I try to avoid sutures where possible and this means I try to avoid episiotomies.


8% of deliveries require assistance to get the baby out vaginally. This can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether Forceps or Ventouse (vacuum) are used will depend on the particular circumstances at the time.  Mostly I use the Ventouse (Vacuum)