Urodynamic assessment is a specialised method of assessing bladder function.

The equipment is connected to a computer, which is used to measure, integrate and correlate urine flow rate, bladder capacity and muscular control. The assessment is relatively inexpensive, takes approximately 30 minutes, does not require the use of drugs, and does not require a general anaesthetic. You will be able to drive home.

On entry into the urodynamic lab, the nurse will request that you change into a gown and then empty your bladder while sitting on a special seat. At this stage, both flow rate and volume will be recorded on the machine. You will then lay down on a bed and the nurse will pass a fine catheter into the bladder, to drain any urine that may be left. This enables us to check you are adequately emptying your bladder. The fine catheter is left in place and connected to a bag of sterile salty water. During the next 15-minutes your bladder will be slowly filled and the muscle activity in the bladder recorded with the aid of two very fine catheters. One of the catheters is placed in the back passage and the other in the bladder. All catheters are placed at the same time and may involve some mild discomfort but we do use a local anaesthetic gel to assist with this.

You will be asked a number of questions as the bladder is filling and when the bladder is full, the filling catheter is re-moved. A Cystoscopy (using a small telescope to look inside the bladder) may be performed at this time. You will then be asked to sit on the special toilet and empty your bladder again. Once voiding is completed you can then lie back on the bed and the remaining catheters will be removed.

On completion of the procedure, you will change back into your own clothes.  I will then discuss the results of the investigation with you.