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Who books the hospital?
Patients are required to register with the North West Brisbane Private Hospital on FREECALL 1800 555 549 (7am—5pm).  Patients are advised to make enquiries regarding antenatal classes, hospital costs and any additional information at this point of contact.  Pre-admission forms will be supplied during your consultations and you are required to complete these forms at home and bring back during following consultations.

What is my expected date of confinement?
The expected date of delivery for your baby is 40 weeks from your last period.  

Will Dr Price be available to deliver my baby?

Patients are advised of Dr Price's availability for their conferment date and also of any planned leave.  Dr Price participates in an after-hours/holiday on call roster.  An up-to-date roster is available from the office staff.

Does it cost more for a caesarean?

Dr Price's fee for delivery is the same whether it is vaginal or via elective caesarean section.  There is a cost difference between a low risk delivery (regardless of method) and a complicated delivery (VBAC, Diabetes Twins) regardless of method.

A surgical assistant is required for a caesarean delivery and this is added to our standard fee.  This fee is included on our 'Estimate of Fees' available from Reception or by emailing reception@drprice.com.au .  In addition, a Paediatrician and Anaesthetist will be in attendance at the caesarean section and a list of available Specialists is also listed on our 'Estimate of Fees' so that you may contact them regarding their individual fees.