Curette for Miscarriage

This is essentially the same as for D&C Hysteroscopy. However, it may not always be possible or safe to remove all the retained products and for some women a 2nd curette is required to remove any remaining placental tissue. This is usually done within a week, when the uterus is smaller and firmer. I believe it is better to ‘under-curette' than be overly vigorous and risk perforation of the uterus or risk future fertility by being overly vigorous.

The initial low abdominal pelvic cramp settles in about 48 hours.

If bleeding or pain is increasing after the first few days, it is better to be reviewed. It is possible to develop an infection in the lining of the uterus. If this is suspected then antibiotics will be prescribed. Once again, a repeat curette may be indicated.
Most women will have a period 4-6 weeks after a curette for miscarriage and will be offered review at this time to discuss any results, issues or concerns regarding a future pregnancy. It is reasonable to start trying for a baby again once you have had a period.